Integrity Advocate

Getting Started with Integrity Advocate

If you are not seeing a video feed in your browser, there may be a problem with the browser's permission to use your camera. To commence with the session, you need to allow the browser permission to use your camera and microphone on a new site. 

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Integrity Lock Browser

Integrity Lock Browser - New evolution lockdown browser. Secure any assessment environment without sacrificing end-user privacy. Now available to all Integrity Advocate clients within current integrations.

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Integrity Lock Logo

The primary way your information is protected is by deleting it as soon as it is no longer required. Your ID and all media not required to support a potential violation and/or a single user image is deleted within 24 hours.

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Privacy vs Security

Learn how Integrity Advocate goes beyond promises of security in order to protect user privacy.

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User Experience

See a walkthrough of how best to prepare for a high stakes session. (Rules can vary dramatically).

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Mobile Experience

See how Integrity Advocate works on mobile devices (when mobile access is allowed).

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